Sales campaign bookkeeping software. Customized for the needs of Mir Media Group from Bucharest it was designed for following up sales representatives, clients, contracts, ordered products and payments, It is specialized on media products such as subscription for general and specialized, printed and online business directories, different magazines, newspaper ads. It is a two-tier application with the client-side developed in Visual Basic and a MySQL database.

It is a medium complexity software product covering approximately a quarter of the Norwegian accounting system. It was developed for the Norwegian MMC Partner company located in Bergen. It assists accounting companies, partners of MMC Partner, to manage clients and their bookkeeping by including over 50 forms and various reports. Developed in Visual Basic it uses an Access database.

Specially designed for the needs of the Cluj-Napoca (Romania) based company, Bendkopp, it manages the high flux of correspondence the company was struggling with. It also follows up the circulation of the documents within the company helping in the bookkeeping of the development stages of projects as they were reflected in the correspondences with a large clientele and supplier network. Another two-tier application with the client-side developed in Visual Basic served by a MySQL database.

A bookkeeping application for newspaper distribution companies working with carriers. It manages carrier personal information and availability, city zones and their coverage by carriers, products, generates reports on the activity of each carrier printing cash receipts.