Our history
PolyWeb Romania was founded in 1999 with the intention of offering cutting edge IT solutions to the international market. It has provided services Europe wide directly or by partners in search for RELIABLE outsourcing alternatives.

Our environment
The company is located in Cluj-Napoca, in one of the most important university and IT industry centers in Romania. The city keeps attracting IT specialist from all around the country representing a very rich human resource market for any enterprise in need for highly skilled cost effective work force. The high-tech industrial park being built near Cluj and several others in the country proves the commitment of the government to develop the IT sector at all costs. The facilities introduced by the government for supporting the IT sector include income tax exemption for IT specialists and other stimulating tax laws regulating export.

Our customers
While some of our customers are determined to revolutionize their business by relying on the power of information technology and connectivity available today, others simply realize that EFFICIENCY is the keyword in running a successful business in today's competitive world. We have assisted our clients in designing, developing and exploiting IT solutions that make them stay ahead of competition.

Our know-how
Cooperating with clients and partners from around the globe we have provided a large variety of internet services from web design to complex intranet solutions. Conceived, designed and created multimedia presentation materials and developed customized heavy-duty integrated client-server applications for different needs.
The greatest challenge in delivering a customized IT product for a client located thousands of kilometers away is the communication of ideas and thoughts across geographic and cultural borders. We consider this know-how as being the most hard learn therefore the most important one, distinguishing us from other companies with a similar profile. We closely support our partner in assisting with the client, trying to minimize response time and constantly improving efficiency by always being available and ready to make the efforts necessary for making the client-partner-Polyweb triangle work seamlessly.
Human resources
Focusing mainly on customized solutions we were required to adapt to varying demands of different clients. We managed to deliver quality products in due course by adapting a flexible human resource management strategy. Apart from our core team, presently, we maintain relationship with a number of experienced specialists from most IT domains ready to employ the type and amount of work force necessary for the projects at hand.

Our vision
Since PolyWeb's primary target market is Western Europe and the rest of the IT consumer world our main goal is to develop and maintain long term relationship with partners on this market. This way we get the opportunity to make an important contribution to the information society of tomorrow.